10 Quick & Easy Energy Saving & Home Security Tips

Energy Efficiency

10 Quick & Easy Energy Saving & Home Security Tips

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The fact that the government Green Deal schemes have come to a halt does not mean that we as home owners should forget about energy efficiency.
Here are some quick and easy steps to take in order to help you turn your home into an energy efficiency home.

New for Old
Upgrade your old appliances to newer models – though not necessarily cheap its one way of making your home more energy efficient.

• An old fridge which is constantly being iced up is probably using more energy than a newer model, and it’s probably not keeping your food as cold either.
• Modern flat screen TVs are greener than the old bulky models.
• The older (age) a boiler the higher the malfunction. It so important your boiler is working efficiently.

Modern boilers are much more efficient than ones manufactured and installed 10 years ago. Temperature control devices have developed in time too allowing us to be far more precise with how we heat each area of our homes. Essentially if you replace your boiler you will probably be using less gas than you are currently using.
So when should you be considering replacing your boiler? Boilers last up to 15 years so if your boiler is reaching that age it would be wise starting to save for a new one.

Annual service is essential as this is the only way you can ensure the boiler is safe or identify the need for repairs before any issues become more expensive.

• Insulating your homes the most cost effective energy saving way. The less insulation your house has, the more heat escapes through the walls and gaps. Properties without cavity wall can have external wall insulation. Loft insulation is also a straight forward way of avoid heat escape from your home.
• Draft proofing your home will help blocks gaps that let warm air out of your home and you are most likely to find these gaps around windows, doors, suspended floor boards and pipework’s that lead to outside of the house.
• Investing in new controls will help you heat your home in a precise way. Smart meters connect remotely to your boiler and can be controlled via a smartphone.
• It is worth exploring the possibility of renewable technology too.

Worth switching

According to gocompare.com, in the last 6 months 71% of households that have switched energy providers have chosen deals from smaller brands. “If this continues, small energy providers are likely to benefit further from the consumer backlash against the energy giants”

Again, according to gocompare.com 13.6 million UK households will be forced to ration water this winter.
• 77% of homeowners are forced to ration energy due to the cost
• 30% of homeowners haven’t switched energy suppliers for three years or more
• 17% have never changed suppliers

Sometimes by switching energy suppliers could save you as much as £366 or more according to gocompare.com

Tips for saving money on your gas and electric bills

• Regularly renew price plans from all energy suppliers
• Look out for collective energy switching schemes
• Make note of easy, short term energy saving gains
• Weigh up the pros and cons of more expensive outlays for long term gains

Dark nights and seasonal distractions give opportunities to would be burglars. If you follow the following advice given by gocompare.com you are likely to minimise any mishaps

• Keep your valuables out of sight
• Lock up your tools and valuables
• Never leave a spare key
• Leave the lights on
• Don’t share your holiday plans on social media
• Make sure your windows and doors have good security locks

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