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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job YET!

It is always wise to have PLAN B. Its just like having a trusted back up system, the comfort of knowing that there is something to fall back on, but sometimes it has the ability of pleasantly surprising us by becoming our Plan A. The feeling of freedom, empowerment of starting your own business is exciting, but with it come …

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What Is Risk Management

What Is Risk Management That Can Fold Your Business

Your business is at risk if you don’t have preventative measures and risk management strategies in place. Whatever business you are in, small, medium or large, there are risks that apply across the board. Being aware of the common risks small businesses are faced with will help you to be better prepared and deal with any eventualities appropriately, bearing in …

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Amma Radek Business Coaching and Mentoring

Small Businesses Cannot Ignore Business Forecasting

It is critical to know what is coming around the corner. Accurate and effective forecasting is absolutely critical to small businesses, especially in the economic downturn, and should be done as a standard practice. It helps you keep a tight control over your business. It is fundamental to all businesses, whatever the size. As a small business owner, you should …

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