5 UK Consumer Types That You Need To Optimise Your Marketing Efforts Towards


5 UK Consumer Types That You Need To Optimise Your Marketing Efforts Towards

UK Home Improvement Consumer Trends You As A Home Improvement Services Provider Cannot Ignore.

Home improvement trends and the way we use our homes have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Technological advancement have played a big part in how our houses have transformed, and homes have evolved into more than a shelter.

They have become multi-purpose spaces used for living, work and play, with more than 4 out of ten aspiring to having a state of the art TV and cinema room.

Among the home improvements most loved are separate dining rooms, under floor heating, wet rooms, and bringing the outside in with bi-folding doors and conservatories.

The survey also showed that we are predicting our homes to become smarter and more energy efficient in the future, and among the innovations coming on top of the homeowners’ wish list are smart walls that conserve energy and self-cleaning glasses.

A recent research by Euromonitor has utilised a number of factors to determine 5 UK consumer types.

Meet your 5 UK consumer types:
• The Undaunted Striver
• Secure Traditionalist
• Conflicted Conservative
• Mindful Moralist
• Free Spirited Spender

The Undaunted Strivers are confident and like items that allow them to stand out from the crowd. They tend to have interest in health and technology, and they are also audiences for green brands thanks to their higher incomes.
The Secure Traditionalists are settled in their way and unwilling to change habits easily. They are settled in opinions, comfortable independent thinkers and savers.

Conflicted Conservatives like fad-free things that do not require the purchase of add-ons. They are likely to recycle, do not spend a premium on green goods, family minded and cautious. They are minimalist and thrifty. They are interested in basic technology and like to keep their digital information a secret.

Mindful Moralists consistently seek quality from their products and services and see technology as a way to contact people rather than a fashionable item. They are optimistic, interested in nutrition and fitness trends. They are also environmentally focused and interested in green products and they are practical.

Free-Spirited Spenders like to be connected with friends and use social media in both their private and consumer lives. They will pay a premium for health and diet services. They are social and enjoy the company of other people. They have indulgent purchase patterns and also focus on their friends

With all these in mind how would you as a Home Improvement Services provider go about tailoring your marketing campaign to these consumer types? And more importantly, how can you help them?

Think of the products and services you offer, complimentary and supplementary products and services, picture the lifestyle of your typical target audience (where are they now and where do you think they are aspiring to be?) in mind and provide a holistic approach to making their dreams and aspirations realised. What king of house do you think they would like to live in? What gadgets would they want in the house to meet their lifestyle demands? Can you help provide them?

Build trust and provide them with their needs and wants. And most importantly always think of how you can help them?

Upcoming next week: How to Tailor Your Marketing to The Millennials, The X Generation the Y Generations and the Baby Boomers and where to find them.

Gen X is often characterized by high levels of skepticism, “what’s in it for
me” attitudes and a reputation for some of the worst music to ever gain
popularity. Gen Xers are arguably the best educated generation with 29% obtaining a
bachelor’s degree or higher

Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology
wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches…as they not only
grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since
early childhood. Gen Y members are much more racially and ethnically diverse and they are much
more segmented as an audience aided by the rapid expansion in Cable TV channels,
satellite radio, the Internet, e-zines, etc. They are less brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led the cohort to be similarly flexible and changing in its fashion, style consciousness and where and how it is communicated with.

Gen Y kids often raised in dual income or single parent families have been more
involved in family purchases…everything from groceries to new cars. One in
nine Gen Yers has a credit card co-signed by a parent.

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