Calculate Yearly Income Without Jeopardising Your Dream Lifestyle

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Calculate Yearly Income Without Jeopardising Your Dream Lifestyle

Is your business running your life?

Then its time you re-think and find a solution that lends itself to growing a profitable business and allowing you time to do what you love when you want.

To help you successfully plan for a good work-life balance and a sustainable profitable business, you need to ask yourself what you want your life to look like in the future.   In other words, where do you want to go?  What are you working for?

To help you answer these questions, consider your current business and personal lives and think of how you can connect the two to successfully create the future lifestyle you are looking for.

Bear in mind that every decision you make should be bringing you closer to your desired goal – your dream lifestyle.

Your business is booming but it is not in alignment to your lifestyle dreams and goals. These are some adjustments you can make to put this right:

1. Identify what your skills, strengths and weaknesses are and what you like doing best

2. Be clear on what contribution each one of the strengths and skills bring to your business and what negative impact your weaknesses have on your business.

3.  Establish which tasks are urgent and need to be performed on a daily basis

4.  Establish which tasks you can efficiently and comfortably perform yourself and those you are willing to pay for an expert or someone else to perform


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