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Home Improvement

Why Your Home Improvement Business Should Be Focusing On Digital Marketing – Compelling Facts!

Weekly Series 1 of 10 Whether it’s to increase living space to accommodate growing families or to reduce household bills by improving our energy efficiency, home improvements are great way of making our homes nicer and safer places to live and entertain, and can add value to our properties. And such majority of home owners are prepared and willing to …

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Business Coach In London

Don’t Get Lured Into False Expectations of Financial Freedom

Trying to find ways of making life more comfortable or breaking out of poverty that seems to be strangling us is hard, and its easy to fall into the trap of jumping at every “shiny object” – easy money making schemes that promise instant riches and passive incomes overnight or for life. My advice is: 1. Don’t get sucked into …

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Leadership Coaching

Blue print for Start Ups – “The House Rules” Part 1

Blue print for Start Ups (Part 1 of 2) What no one wants to tell you when you start a business? I have always struggled to understand why majority of small businesses lack the knowledge and understanding of what I call the “house rules of a start-up” which are critical to the success of every business. Is it selfishness on …

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Customer Engagingment

Definition : Marketing Strategy

Has it occurred to you that your competitors determine your prices, your market share, how fast your business grows and how much money you make? As no marketing strategy can be made without thinking of your competition, and how they are going to behave, you have to anticipate reaction of competition when formulating your marketing strategy. What are you going …

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Professional Coaching In Seminar Events

Business Growth And Business Training, Discovery & Opps Days and Retreats – Amma Radek

If you are thinking of starting a business growth on a firm foundation, already have a business but struggling with increasing your profits and growing your business, or just want to cautiously and effortlessly generate additional income side by side your regular job, then you should not miss these dates in Amma Radek’s Diary. Venue: The Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town Centre, EN2 6DN. …

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Business Start Up In An Event

What Is Cash-flow Management for Small Businesses

What is Cash-flow for? Without cash-flow management , your business is doomed.  Cash-flow is the lifeblood of every business.  It is vital to managing the peaks and troughs in your business. Having enough cash to meet your short term obligations is essential to your business survival.  Without a good cashflow system in place, your business could fold before it gets …

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Business Training Seminars and Workshops

In Management Crisis Why Small Businesses Cannot Ignore

By nature, crisis are serious and dangerous moments in a businesses life cycle.  Regardless of the kind of business you are in, there are types of crisis that have the potential to cripple your business, but crisis can also lead to positive outcomes by providing good opportunities for learning and improvements and lea Posts ve your business stronger than it …

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What Is Risk Management

What Is Risk Management That Can Fold Your Business

Your business is at risk if you don’t have preventative measures and risk management strategies in place. Whatever business you are in, small, medium or large, there are risks that apply across the board. Being aware of the common risks small businesses are faced with will help you to be better prepared and deal with any eventualities appropriately, bearing in …

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Amma Radek Business Coaching and Mentoring

Small Businesses Cannot Ignore Business Forecasting

It is critical to know what is coming around the corner. Accurate and effective forecasting is absolutely critical to small businesses, especially in the economic downturn, and should be done as a standard practice. It helps you keep a tight control over your business. It is fundamental to all businesses, whatever the size. As a small business owner, you should …

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Customer Engagingment

Why Buying Blocks of Consultancy Time Makes Business Sense

Not all Small Businesses need the array of expertise Coaches, Mentors and Consultants have to offer, and surely not all of them need these services all the time.   Every business owner or entrepreneur has certain skills, needs and requirement, so they will be best suited to buy expert time in blocks and use as and when needed not to mention the …

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