Customer Behavior Behind Every Buying Decision

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Customer Behavior Behind Every Buying Decision

The Influence Principle – What really drives people to buy?

In this module we will talk about what really drives people buy.  You will understand the principles behind every buying decision and use this to design your product and marketing campaigns to attract the most profitable customers.

The Role Of Universal Emotions In Buying Decisions

The universal emotions that drive people are to be wealthy, healthy, secure, and popular, look good, have free time have fun and find inner peace.  Work out which emotions your products and services are going to tap into to get your ideal customers to buy from you and be your lifetime customers.

The Seven Secrets of Mind Control

Shame, emotional pain, anger, mystique, revenge, fear, greed and sloth.

To be successful in your marketing efforts, you will need to stimulate these motivations to induce a state of emotional, rather than logical response.

For example, if you make someone mad enough, what happens to their powers of rational decision making?  They go out of the window.  Lack of options means the only available course of action that assuages their anger or rage is to buy your product or services.

Let’s look at this example – If you see an advert for a book that says “you’ve been had long enough by your accountant”, how else would you react after becoming enraged with being unfairly treated?  At that moment the only possible sensible reaction is to buy the book to find out how you’ve been had and what you can do about it . This is just an example of a micro level of eliciting an emotional state in your prospects’ minds, so that the only logical response is to buy your product or services.

With this in mind, are you able to use any of the 7 secrets mind control to stimulate emotional response and increase your sales.

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