Customer Engagement – Ultimate Tips

Customer Engagingment

Customer Engagement – Ultimate Tips

Instant gratification

Consumers Engagement are totally connected and expect the best of online and offline experience, crave endless novel exciting experiences that modern life offer, and they will seek out and demand businesses that can help empower them or offer freedom and flexibility to make the most of modern life.  According to a research conducted by Data monitor, 44% of consumers across 14 countries say it is difficult to manage their day to day obligations as well as find time to relax.

They are demanding tools and services that will help them get most from the present moment, however brief.  This means that businesses have to satisfy this consumer demand for instant gratification and convenience.  Can your business do anything to meet these demands?


  • In China, Survival Guide has a free app that tracks food and health scandals across China, so consumers don’t have to search or keep up to date with this information.  Can you provide your customers with a similar service?
  • Harrods in London also has a free interactive guide to their store, their restaurant menus, and details on events taking place in the store. Can you find an app or anything that can help your customers have an unforgettable experience shopping with you?

Are you there when your customers need you, even when they do not realise they need you?

  • IKEA in Canada put up about 2000 storage items such as cardboard boxes with posters around Montreal which encouraged shoppers to take them home.  Storage boxes are in high demand around July and August when most rental leases typically come to an end. They also promoted their furniture on the boxes. Can you think of something you can do for your customers to give them a similar unforgettable experience?

Picking Up where the Government or Local Authorities

  • Have you thought of products and services that the general population are expecting the government to provide, but haven’t provided or falls short of their expectation.  Can you step in to provide this product or service, or if it is already being provided, how can you enhance it to give the customers a better experience?
  • A good example is what a South African Insurance company Dial Direct did till bureaucracy killed off the brilliant idea.  It launched the Pothole Brigade, a road maintenance initiative that repaired potholes in and around Johannesburg as drivers reported them.

Are You Helping Your Customers to Save Money

  • Most of the major high banks are offering customers cashback on their shopping, direct debits on utilities, departmental store shopping etc.   When shoppers with these accounts use these facilities they are rewarded with cashback direct into their accounts on monthly basis.  What can you offer your customers to delight them and get them to stay with you?
  • Another example is the UK mobile provider Orange who offers its customers a service that checks whether they are on the best available talk plan, based on their call, text and data usage history every six months.   Can you apply this service to your customers’ purchases?

Helping Your Customers Start Their Day in a Pleasant Way

With our hectic modern lives, customers are increasingly looking for ways of making the day bearable and pleasant.

  • Uniqlo’s Wake Up is an example, where free apps wakes up customers with music automatically created based on the weather, announcing the time, conditions and day of the week.
  • Another example is the Boondoggles’ Winter Wake Up, an app that acts as an alarm clock, wakes users earlier than usual if there has been unexpected snow or icy conditions during the night.  Users can then choose not to be woken at all if extreme conditions will make their commute to work hopeless.  Can you think of anything you can do to enhance your customer experience?

Helping Your Customers to Make the Most of their Day

  • Bearing in mind 44% of consumers across 14 countries find it difficult to manage their daily obligations and find time to relax, what can you do to help them have a more pleasant day?  Emporio Armani for example created a mobile app for its sports range EA7 that provides customers with lifestyle and fitness tips.   Can you provide your customers with actionable, valuable tips?

Recommendations That Actually Matter and Are Valuable to Your Customers

Does your business lend itself to recommendations?  Can you act in a consultative way to give your customer a fantastic shopping experience with you?

  • Hellmann’s has been offering recipes via custom software installed at the cash register in a Brazilian supermarket chain St Marche. The recipe is tailored to the ingredients shoppers had just bought, so when a customer buys a jar of Hellmann’s mayo, the cash register recognised this and generated a custom recipe based on the mayo and the ingredients that were purchased, and automatically printing this on the receipt.  Can you in your own little way get this model work for your business?