Don’t Get Lured Into False Expectations of Financial Freedom

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Don’t Get Lured Into False Expectations of Financial Freedom

Trying to find ways of making life more comfortable or breaking out of poverty that seems to be strangling us is hard, and its easy to fall into the trap of jumping at every “shiny object” – easy money making schemes that promise instant riches and passive incomes overnight or for life.

My advice is:

1. Don’t get sucked into schemes promising easy money – they will only lead to heart ache, disappointments, frustrations, self doubt and send you on a downward spiral emotionally and financially.

2. Find and build a lifestyle business – an evergreen one.

3. Build relevant skills in the shortest possible time to help you achieve your dreams of financial freedom

4. Seek help from experts to jump start and maintain the momentum of your business.

5. Do not try going solo.  You might succeed in the long run but this path is fraught with wrong turns, overwhelm, stress, frustrations, and could   cost you multiple times what it will cost to seek expert help, there are no guarantees you will get it right.

6. Find different ways to promote your business

7. Avoid a “slow death” for your business by seeking out additional consumers/customers that your products will appeal to

8. Promote and showcase additional uses for your products by promoting them from various angles to capitalise on all potential customers

9. Ask existing customers for seller and product performance reviews as well as referrals from them.

10. Find and surround yourself with people and experts who will help you grow your business – you will achieve your goals much faster with expert help

11. Commit to talk to your business mentor once a week – this is the only way you can move your business forward in the right direction and avoid pitfalls

To your business success, and would be delighted to help you any way we can to be wildly successful.

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