Don’t Give Up Your Day Job YET!

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job YET!

It is always wise to have PLAN B. Its just like having a trusted back up system, the comfort of knowing that there is something to fall back on, but sometimes it has the ability of pleasantly surprising us by becoming our Plan A. The feeling of freedom, empowerment of starting your own business is exciting, but with it come certain uncertainties. That is when PLAN B comes in. Pursuing your ideal lifestyle can be tempting, and exciting reason enough for you to want to give up your regular job and start your own business. BUT DON’T YET!!

Giving up the security of a regular job is daunting and risky, and the biggest reason why people don’t leave their jobs to pursue ventures which has the potential to make them money and lifestyles beyond their dreams is the FEAR of UNCERTAINTY. These prevent us from making certain decisions and taking certain potentially beneficial steps. They become very POWERFUL DEMOTIVATORS and stumbling blocks. They stop us in our tracks, and in most cases prevent us from progressing.

Learn how you can overcome these BARRIERS, adopt the PLAN B approach and cautiously explore opportunities that will sit side by side your regular job for now.

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So when do you know the time is right to make the leap? This is different for each individual. Part of the PLAN B approach is our “Parallel Thinking” Strategy.

The PLAN B approach shows you how you can comfortably and efficiently carry on with your day to day job without disruption, and also work for yourself successfully till you decide you can safely replace your full time income with your PLAN B income (that is if you wish). People have been known to carry on with both, accelerating their income generation process, but the decision is purely up to individuals.

But what really are the main reasons why you want to be your own boss or escape the rat race? Are you just miserable at work? Or you think you could do much better? Or you can’t make ends meet? Or you have decided you want to work part time? Or just need additional income. Whatever your reasons it would be worthwhile coming to hear how we can help you explore a strategy that suits your dreams and lifestyle.

Over the coming months we will be holding PLAN B evening sessions at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield where we will discuss various strategies as well as presenting you with viable opportunities to explore (if you wish).

PLAN B Sessions – £15 per person

Seating is limited. Book your place now and learn how you can generate additional income and still have time to enjoy yourself

23th May 6.30 – 8.30pm
27th June 6.30 – 8.30pm
25th July 6.30 – 8.30pm
22nd Aug 6.30 – 8.30pm