In Management Crisis Why Small Businesses Cannot Ignore

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In Management Crisis Why Small Businesses Cannot Ignore

By nature, crisis are serious and dangerous moments in a businesses life cycle.  Regardless of the kind of business you are in, there are types of crisis that have the potential to cripple your business, but crisis can also lead to positive outcomes by providing good opportunities for learning and improvements and lea

ve your business stronger than it was before the crisis.  The three major elements of crisis are that they come as surprise, they threaten your business existence and they need short response time.

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Crisis are unexpected, they are non-routine, they produce uncertainties and threaten high priority goals of your business, so it is of paramount importance that every small business owner, whether start-up or existing, is absolutely aware of the different types of crisis that can potentially harm their business.

Small businesses have the perception that Crisis Planning and Management only apply to large companies, and therefore ignore them, but crisis strike both small and  large, and in a crisis situation, large companies have the necessary resources (financial and expertise) to rectify the  problems, whilst this is far from truth for small businesses.

For a typical small business without crisis planning, the chances of not recovering is multiplied significantly.  It is essential for small businesses to plan and manage crisis, as lack of presence of these could lead to inability to manage crisis and cause financial damage which could be devastating and lead to business closure.

To plan and manage crisis appropriately, you need to understand the different types of intentional and unintentional crisis like terrorism, sabotage, workplace violence, poor employee relations, poor risk management, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, unforeseen technical issues, product failures and economic down turn and may more.

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