Persuasive Techniques For Products To Be Attractive and Powerful

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Persuasive Techniques For Products To Be Attractive and Powerful

Consumer Behaviour

When trying to increase your persuasive techniques on your consumer insight, the average traditional consumer segmentation models can provide a good starting point, however, these may be of limited use without also understanding the underlying motivations of consumers.

It is the behaviour of the mainstream consumer that you should be seeking to influence.  You are in a position to empower your consumers by providing products and services that integrate into their daily lives easily.

The area of opportunity is different for every business, and is determined by the relationship between the consumer priorities, your business action and your product and service value.  What are the issues for your consumers?    What are their priorities, what specific behaviours do you want to change?  Have you done the heavy lifting and achieved trust and credibility and how do you go about changing this?  How can you communicate, engage and involve them?

The first step to understanding how you can influence consumers is seeing the world from their perspective – identifying the issues that matter to them.  Consumers are much more likely to act if they can relate to an issue and it resonates with them. Attitudes are often driven by behaviour, so using incentives to nudge people towards small practical steps is one way.

Who are the main decision makers, influencers and consumers of the contemporary market? Consumer engagement has become more vital than ever, and retailers that become bonded with their target customers define the future of the market and stand to reap huge rewards.

So, who are you talking to?  Who are your target market? Assertive women, talented youth, active baby boomers, old age people, green consumers, luxury seekers, adventure seekers and explorers, designer conscious, serial singletons, spiritualist, emerging market dreamers and entrepreneurs, the new affluent, economic migrants, the fast growing emerging middle classes of Sub Saharan Africa?

And what drives them?  Product and service providers need to define the bigger context in which consumers see their challenges and potential solutions.   What do your products and services enable people to reach?  Do they make your consumers look beautiful or handsome and stylish, do they reflect the image of contemporary urban lifestyle status they are after? Do your products help them to express their need?

People use products and services to satisfy their emotional needs – feeling better, confident and beautiful.  Are your products and services meeting the demands of consumers?

Are your products and services functional, fast, and easy or a unique solution? Have you paid attention to the trends shaping the future?  As a product and service provider you should keep your eye on the dynamics and trends shaping the consumer market now and will dominate the next decade.

Regardless of your background, business is about people, and your products and services should be designed to fulfil today’s consumer needs in order to achieve a sustainable and profitable business.  Knowing the necessary consumer thinking process dynamics, along with consumer trends that shape the market today and in the next decade, male versus female perception is a must.

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