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Starting A Business

Business Plan Above Your Competitors And Leave Them In Your Trail

“Whatever he is doing I want to know, in fact I need to know because he is catching 19 more hauls than I am, I have caught only 12 hauls and it’s not good” This is a quotation from a documentary about 3 fishermen with varying success I was privileged to watch. Whatever sector you operate in, there will always …

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Attract Customers

Attract Customers Using Consumer Insights

Clarify Your Vision: Clarifying your vision is crucial for the success of your business. Business is about solving people’s problems and enhancing lives so whose lives are you trying to improve or impact on? Every business serves different types of attracting customers, and these segments require different value propositions (your products and services), different channels of delivery and a variety …

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Business Planning Advice

Calculate Yearly Income Without Jeopardising Your Dream Lifestyle

Is your business running your life? Then its time you re-think and find a solution that lends itself to growing a profitable business and allowing you time to do what you love when you want. To help you successfully plan for a good work-life balance and a sustainable profitable business, you need to ask yourself what you want your life …

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Business Coach In London

Don’t Get Lured Into False Expectations of Financial Freedom

Trying to find ways of making life more comfortable or breaking out of poverty that seems to be strangling us is hard, and its easy to fall into the trap of jumping at every “shiny object” – easy money making schemes that promise instant riches and passive incomes overnight or for life. My advice is: 1. Don’t get sucked into …

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Business Start Up In An Event

Business Start Up In 5 Simple Processes

5 Strongly recommended processes you should follow if you want to avoid stress, overwhelm, and frustrations and be highly successful short and long term Learn what no one wants to tell you when you are starting your business – the hidden considerations of being a business owner. Learn the psychology behind every buying decision, and how you can use this …

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What Is Risk Management

Customer Behavior Behind Every Buying Decision

The Influence Principle – What really drives people to buy? In this module we will talk about what really drives people buy.  You will understand the principles behind every buying decision and use this to design your product and marketing campaigns to attract the most profitable customers. The Role Of Universal Emotions In Buying Decisions The universal emotions that drive …

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Business Coaching and Mentoring in London

Persuasive Techniques For Products To Be Attractive and Powerful

Consumer Behaviour When trying to increase your persuasive techniques on your consumer insight, the average traditional consumer segmentation models can provide a good starting point, however, these may be of limited use without also understanding the underlying motivations of consumers. It is the behaviour of the mainstream consumer that you should be seeking to influence.  You are in a position …

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Business-Success Advice

Creating Most Profitable Business

Financially Secure Future For You and Your Family   Creating a highly most profitable growth business part time or full time business would be an event not like anything you do in your day to day life, and you have to prepare appropriately. You cannot treat this like any other thing you may have done. If you are looking to …

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What Is Risk Management

Blueprint for Start-Ups – “The House Rules” – Part 2

What no one wants to tell you when you start a business? The Entrepreneurial Mind-set If you are thinking of earning a full time living through your business, here are a few questions you should ask yourself: Am I self-motivated? How organised am I?  Do I have realistic expectation?  Can I afford this venture?  What would support from family and …

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Leadership Coaching

Blue print for Start Ups – “The House Rules” Part 1

Blue print for Start Ups (Part 1 of 2) What no one wants to tell you when you start a business? I have always struggled to understand why majority of small businesses lack the knowledge and understanding of what I call the “house rules of a start-up” which are critical to the success of every business. Is it selfishness on …

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