Why Your Home Improvement Business Should Be Focusing On Digital Marketing – Compelling Facts!

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Why Your Home Improvement Business Should Be Focusing On Digital Marketing – Compelling Facts!

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Whether it’s to increase living space to accommodate growing families or to reduce household bills by improving our energy efficiency, home improvements are great way of making our homes nicer and safer places to live and entertain, and can add value to our properties. And such majority of home owners are prepared and willing to pay premium prices for quality services that meet their requirements and expectations.

A new survey commissioned by gocompare.com shows that 14% of UK home owners are considering major renovations projects. And the TOP 10 on home owners home improvement wish list are:

• 36% are considering a new kitchen
• 34% are considering building an extension
• 33% are considering installing a new bathroom
• 24% are considering a garden make-over
• 19% are considering attic conversion for an extra room
• 17% are considering installing a new boiler and central heating
• 16% are considering knocking through rooms to create open plan living
• 10% are considering fitting double glazing
• 10% are considering adding an extra bedroom
• 10% are considering installing solar panels.
• 5% of home owners have decided to extend their homes rather than move house

So what does this mean to you as a home improvement business owner?
And with the increasing influence of digital marketing, home improvement businesses such as bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, flooring contractors, lighting contractors, space planners, plumbers, electricians, roofers, renderers, gas fitters and central heating engineers, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom installers, loft conversion contractors, building project managers, interior designers, landscape gardeners, to mention a few, can no longer rely on space in the yellow pages or a website put together un-strategically to get their services in-front of new client.

85% of consumers say that they now use the internet to find local businesses. Consumers are now using search engines, social media and online reviews to drive their purchasing decisions, and more importantly they are researching on a variety of platforms.

As a home improvement and related services business owner you have to understand how to connect your services to your target audience’s typical purchase cycle by finding out about where they research for specific services.
When searching for home improvement services are your potential customers finding you or your customers?
Technology has advanced and more and more people are using the internet to discover new services and products. They are also willing to spend money for quality services. This is a great opportunity for you as a home improvement and related services business to reach a wider, more specific audience at a more affordable marketing cost – the problem is, most home improvement businesses are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Coming up next week: UK Consumer Home Improvement Consumer Behaviour Insight
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